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    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory


    There are two types of printing on the market, one is called digital printing and the other is called gravure printing

    500+ categories can be printed simultaneously, small batches of personalized brand customization
    Digital Printing
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    Gravure printing

    Support finished product proofing, rapid development of new products; film printing 2H


    The finished product proofing is not allowed, the development of new products takes a long time and the cycle is long;

    Traditional paper printing, the effect is uncontrollable

    HP indigo 20000 digital printing, 0 edition fee

    One edition, one color, expensive edition fee

    100% restoration of the design effect, 500+ category patterns synchronized printing

    No design is provided, the printing pattern is single, and multiple pictures cannot be printed at once

    Personalized small batch customization, ordering from 200, free proofing

    Proofing fee is required, and the minimum order quantity is high

    3 days delivery

    Long delivery period, more than 15 days delivery

    Digital printing·One box one picture to achieve differentiated marketing packaging box

    HP indigo 20000 printing equipment, 15 kinds of box types support style customization
    Really free
    Really free-make an appointment online for free proofing

    Now you have no cost proofing Requirements

    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    true velocity
    True speed—samples can be produced in 30 minutes

    One tea time, You can see the effect of the trial printing and you can produce samples

    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    Really no version
    Really no version-500+ different types of simultaneous printing

    New product trial Escort the wrong look

    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    design true
    True design——one-to-one design plan

    let you every point Money is spent on the blade

    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    True custom
    True customization——Differentiated marketing realization

    One box, one picture realizes talking Marketing box

    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    Click on the consulting
    Click to consult-talk about the design plan
    Learn more
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      Really free

      Online appointment can be free proofing

      Now you have no cost proofing needs

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      True speed

      Sample can be sampled in 30 minutes

      After making tea, you can see the trial printing effect and sample it

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    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      True no edition

      500+ simultaneous printing of different categories

      Protect new products by trial and error

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      True design

      One-to-one design plan

      Let you spend every penny on the blade

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      True customization

      Realization of differentiated marketing

      One box, one picture realizes talking marketing packaging box

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
      Click to consult

      Talk about the design plan

    Online proofing·Enjoy the 0 yuan proofing service

    Seize the 0 yuan proofing plan immediately
    Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    Receive free online proofing plan
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    Without the hardships of test marketing, there will be no sales myth

    [Box Bank] Helps trial production and trial sales of new products, and realizes brand promotion of corporate packaging boxes

    Minimum order of 200 pieces of new product packaging box, click to open

    Boxside·Free ProofingService List

    Full chain service, to be the most intimate marketing packaging box manufacturer around you
    • 7 major system guarantees
      New product trial production service
      Differentiated marketing design service
      New product trial and error service
      Intellectual Property Protection
      7S Quality Control System
      3 days rapid sampling system
      One-stop butler service system
    • 7 delivery list
      Requirements list-confirmation form for processing requirements
      Design service-product design drawing, structure design drawing, 3D design drawing
      Material selection service-product selection table
      Customized services-12 customized services such as appearance, color, capacity, etc.
      No-version proofing-provide free proofing service according to demand
      Technical process design-to provide customized design for different needs
      Quality inspection-33 QC processes, 3 inspections
    • 3 major value-added service systems
      Free proofing for new product development
      Sample proofing process revision service
      Design and production full hosting

    Online proofing·Four other value-added gift packages

    Online exclusive, make an appointment now
    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory

      0 yuan

      Collect plan

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory

      0 yuan

      online design

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory


      Online Privileges

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory


      Priority start

    • Liquor packaging company_customized wine box packaging factory
    • Receive free online proofing plan
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    • Today Already

      (1269)Users receive the design plan

      • Ms. Zeng from Guangzhou (52 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Zhang from Huizhou (45 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Jie Yangqing ( minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Guan, Foshan (13 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Tan Shaoguan (43 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Shenzhen Mr. He (11 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Yuan from Guangzhou (23 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Zhongshan Chen (55 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Chen Zhanjiang (29 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Pu of Foshan (6 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Liu Zhongshan (35 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Hong of Dongguan (53 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Zeng Huizhou (2 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Chen from Guangzhou (8 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Yunfu Qian (31 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Shenzhen Mr. Sun (35 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Ms. Zhu from Huizhou (5 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Mr. Wei of Dongguan (4 minutes ago) has received the design plan
      • Shenzhen Mr. Zhang (31 minutes ago) has received the design plan

    Please add WeChat consultation

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